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"I have always been an active and involved parent to my four children. When my back pain became so extreme. I struggled to do even simple tasks. I knew I needed help. After consulting with Dr. Mullins, I realized surgery was the best option. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to return to my active life."

- Donald S.

"Dr. Mullins is the most caring, gentle doctor I have ever met. He genuinely listens to you, and makes his patients feel very comfortable. Dr. Mullins operated on my spine for three herniated discs, which he fused together in Jan 2015. Since then, I have more motion in my neck and NO pain or numbness down my left arm, hand, and neck. GOD BLESS DR. MULLINS and HIS HANDS."

- Brian M.

"Had back surgery a few months ago. He did a phenomenal job. Would highly recommend if you're considering surgery of any kind."

- Mindy S.

"Dr. Mullins is very professional, and had a calm demeanor. He operated on my spine, through my neck, to fix my stenosis. I was out of the hospital the next day, and five years later, when my insurance didn't have him on their network, he saw me for a follow up without charging me. I highly recommend."

- Anonymous

"I am a 49 year old female, who had a 360 degree spinal fusion at L5S1 performed by this great man three years ago. Almost not a day goes by that I don't reflect on how fortunate I am to have found Dr. Mullins. I am completely free of back pain, and within 10 days was able to drive again! That following year the healing continued at a rapid rate, and I have been able to enjoy three years since, of working out regularly (step aerobics, pilates, even belly dancing). I can garden for eight hours, with no pain!!! Prior to surgery, I was hard pressed to dress myself. Dr. Kevin Mullins is a Godsend! He is professional, empathetic, and very much a gentleman. He didn't even ask for a copay! Do you believe there are guardian angels amongst us? I do now!"

- Anonymous

"I absolutely adore Dr. Mullins. I usually have a difficult time finding the right doctor who I connect with. Dr. Mullins listened, and I felt confident who could help me with a correct diagnosis. Not just a number on a chart. Dr. Mullins is professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and competent. I felt so comfortable the first time I met him, and it has stayed like that in our subsequent meetings. I would recommend Dr. Mullins to anyone I know who has back/spinal issues. Thank you Dr. Mullins, for helping me. Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation."

- Anonymous

"I had surgery on L4L3 by Dr. Mullins. I was experiencing sharp pain on m left leg. Consul w/ Dr. and had an MRI which revealed the above. Dr. M presented choice of surgery or physical therapy. I elected surgery which was done promptly after making my decision. Immediately after surgery 80% of pain was gone. Within a week no pain, did my next 2 weeks in Florida walking 2 miles a day. Dr. M. suggested returning to work w/o any physical therapy, since I commute to nyc, and climb stairs at construction site. Three months later ,after surgery, I am 100%, and can't say enough on how professionally Dr. Mullins handled the whole procedure. He is a professional doctor who I highly recommend for surgery. On a side note, I see people limping like I was, and want to send them to Dr. Mullins for consult. I am a new man. Thank you very much Dr. Mullins."

- Anonymous

"I think Dr. Mullins is an excellent, caring doctor. I have seen him several times over the past 3 years for different issues. He is patient and explains in detail all the possibilities. Most important, he is conservative in his treatment and does not do surgery unless absolutely necessary."

- Kevin B.

"Dr. Mullins rescued me from the misery of hydrocephalus. I would recommend him without hesitation!!"

- Thomas Y.

"Dr. Mullins is the BEST! He is extremely patient, and courteous. Answers all my questions in a thorough manner. I had a spinal fusion three years ago, and I felt instantly better. My experience with Dr. Mullins was 5 stars."

- Anonymous

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